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Wedding Daze

 Title: Wedding Daze
Pairing: JongHo
Rating: PG
A/N: This is actually my first ever SHINee fic. Thanks to my friend hipslip for inspiring me to write SHINee. This post may be no middlemen but still its something I worked hard for. And she also beta'd it as well. ENJOY!!!

“Minho, Choi Minho,” Jonghyun chuckled low in his throat. He bowed down his head, one hand brushing his bangs and resting his forehead on it. He was grinning, shaking his head, like he was about to do the most ridiculous thing in the world. Minho stirred just a bit in his state of unconsciousness.

“I think it’s time, time to follow each and every one of our friends’ advice. Before, when they were all ‘Go on, just tell him Jonghyun, he’s your best friend, he may even end up liking you back’ and all that crap, I always do the same three things. Conjoin my eyebrows. Scoff. And go ‘pssh…it’s not gonna happen.” He counted them pointedly onto his fingers, exaggerating his enumeration.

He sighed.

“But now since we’re both here I think it’s time that you knew. Conditions are perfect. You, stupidly drunk and unconscious and getting married to Krystal tomorrow,” he paused, his lip quivering. “Yeah. Just perfect. For me at least.”

“See here’s the thing Minho,” he said with a swagger, a confidence that only meant that the tequila was kicking in. He laughed again.

“I love you, okay!” he exclaimed, not able to hold it in any longer. “I. Fell. In. Love. With. You.” He said each word with such force hoping that they can bore into Minho like drills.

“Me. Kim Jonghyun. Hah! I know right? How could someone as smart and practical as me be head over heels with someone like you?” he stood up, pacing parallel to Minho’s unresponsive figure.

“I mean, look at you!” he gestured towards Minho, facing him. “You’re too serious. It takes Jinki-hyung five times to fall on his ass to make you laugh. You eat a lot. You come to my apartment early in the morning and eat all my cereal and make me go out to buy more. Not to mention waking me up at three in the morning just so you could have a designated driver for your drunk nights. You’re flawed!”

A pause.

“Who am I kidding, you’re every bit that I dream of,” he concedes, sitting back on the chair, hands on his face.

“You’re all I ever wanted Minho. But you’ve always taken me for granted. I was there when you were drunk and crying over Hara. I was there again when you were drunk and crying over Sulli. I was even there when you were drunk and crying over Krystal. Twice! Not to mention your weird phase when you were slightly depressed about Taemin.” He paused to catch his breath.

“I was there. You knew I was there. But you never saw me. I hugged you, patted your back. But you never felt me. All those words of comfort, of encouragement. But you never heard me at all.” A tear escaped from the corner of his eye. He let it trickle down his cheek before he wiped it off.

“I guess my point is, this whole monologue is pointless. I’m a fool. The important thing is I told you. There,” he finished, childishly. For a moment he waited for a response from the groom-to-be, but none came.


When Minho woke up he realized he was shirtless when he looked down. The shock bolted him to alertness. He pulled up the covers and saw his red pyjamas comfortably hugging his legs. He sighed in relief.

It was the first time he noticed the room he was in. It was his room. Odd, he thought. He vaguely remembered Jonghyun half carrying him into one of the suite’s bedrooms because he was so drunk.

That Jonghyun throws one hell of a bachelor party. Nothing less from my best man.

His phone rang at that moment.


“Good you’re awake,” came Jonghyun’s voice, sounding urgent. “Hurry up! You’re getting married in three hours.”

Minho’s eyes widened. “Hyung! I’m getting married in three hours!” Minho exclaimed, slightly panicky.

“Oh no, no, no, no. You are not freaking out on me Minho!”

“No! I’m not. It’s just…what happened last night?”

“Uhm…la-last night?” Jonghyun stuttered a bit. “You were so drunk you passed out on the floor.”

“How was I that drunk?” retorted Minho.

“Apparently the stripper I hired, what’s her name, Victoria made you drink a shot of tequila every time she removed an item of clothing. I thought she was scantily clad, but no, her lingerie comes in layers. And I was busy with the bar so I didn’t know what she was making you do.”

“Of course you didn’t!”

“What is that suppose to mean? Now hurry up, take a shower, and get dressed. The limo will pick you up in an hour.”

“How about you?” Minho asked, suddenly a bit softer this time.

“Huh?” Jonghyun’s pulse started to race.

“How are you getting to church?” Minho replied loudly.

“Oh!” Jonghyun exclaimed, a bit embarrassed. “Don’t worry about me. I’ll get there before you.”

“Ok hyung, See you there,” Minho said, followed by a click. Signifying the end of the phone call.



“Where are you?!?!” came Jonghyun’s frantic voice over the phone. “You should be here by now!”

“Hyung, I’m just stuck in traffic. I’ll be there in no time,” Minho replied calmly.

“JUST stuck in traffic Minho? Are you kidding me? Do you realize you only have thirty minutes before you miss your own wedding?”

“Relax dude! Chill!” Minho chuckled at Jonghyun’s panic.

“Don’t you tell me to relax. Getting married is not like Miss Universe Minho,” Jonghyun retorted, almost maniacally. “The best man cannot replace the groom if he is unable to fulfil his roles and responsibilities of being a groom.”

“What are you even talking about?” Minho asked incredulously. But he wasn’t able to suppress the strong wave of gratitude towards Jonghyun. Every single thing that Jonghyun has done for him flashed before his eyes like he was dying or something.

“Never mind,” came Jonghyun’s reply. “Just hurry up please.”

“I will be there. Thanks hyung. Really. I mean it,” Minho said softly, almost like a whisper.

“Pssh…just hurry the hell up.” And the other line went dead.


The wedding started almost unsteady. Jonghyun was beside himself. Minho arrived ten minutes before the wedding. Krystal’s bridal car parked in front of the church doors five minutes after Minho’s arrival. The maid of honor, Luna, letting herself out of the car looking a bit harassed but still radiant wearing her ruby red strapless mermaid gown that accentuated her hips, went to join Jonghyun to whisper that Krystal was ready in the car despite the fact that she had had her makeup done twice because she was crying from sheer excitement and a little bit of nerves.

At long last, after last minute preparations, Minho was ready, positioned near the altar waiting in anticipation. Jonghyun went up to him.

“This is it Minho. Sceyrwd?” Jonghyun teased, adjusting Minho’s black bow tie before ruffling his hair.
“Shut up, hyung,” Minho retorted, getting a brown comb from the inside pocket of his tuxedo and brushing it over his now unkempt hair, setting it back into place. “Shouldn’t you be in line already? My wedding’s gonna start.”

He jokingly pushes Jonghyun away, his face breaking into a grin but he does not hear Jonghyun mutter as he turns around to make is way toward the back of the church. “Rub it in.”

The ceremony started on time despite the setbacks. The aisle looked magnificent. The red carpet almost sparkled under the lighting of the magnificent chandelier that hung high and bright from the ceiling. The sides of the aisle were flanked by waist high marble pillars all the way to the other end each topped by a gorgeous arrangement of red and white roses, woven together by sheer red velvet with intricate designs of lace.

The string quartet began strumming a melodious tune which made the guests turn around on their seats to look at the wedding entourage. Minho, who was staring at the floor, took a deep breath and looked forward. Jonghyun was first, wearing a bright toothy smile on his face. Clutching his arm was Luna, smiling joyously as well, her eyes slightly teary. When they reached the end of the path, Jonghyun stood beside Minho while Luna went to the other side looking toward the entourage still smiling. They were followed by eight little flower girls throwing petals of red, pink, and white making the aisle more glorious than before. Yoogeun walked in next, holding up a dainty white pillow adorned with lace. On top perched two golden rings. Yoogeun took his job more seriously than any other boy his age would. His expression was very serious and determined. The rest of the wedding entourage followed until at last the string quartet melted smoothly into the wedding march.

The guests stood up. The double doors of the church opened wider for full effect. Doves flew into the church as the sudden brightness outside temporarily silhouetted the bride. Crystal came into view, her face partially covered by the thin almost transparent veil. Her body hugging gown clung to her figure perfectly, smoothly pouring out onto the long train behind her. In her hand was a bouquet of blood red roses, Krystal’s favourite. The contrast of the colours of the flowers and her shiny white wedding gown made her most noticeable.

As Jonghyun held his smile, and composure beside Minho, he counted Krystal’s steps toward the altar in his head. One. Two. Three. He was counting down to his demise. When Krystal reached her last step, fifty-two, she paused for a moment before Luna went to her, kissed her cheek, and took the bouquet from her hand. Minho went to Krystal, seized her hand, tucked it under his arm and lead the way up the altar. When they reached the last step, Krystal turned around and blew a kiss for Jonghyun before facing back towards the altar where the priest sat waiting.

The rest of the wedding was a blur to Jonghyun as he sat in his designated seat, dazed. He had lost. Lost in a game that he didn’t sign up for, yet he himself started. In no time at all, the priest pronounced them man and wife, and when Minho kissed the bride, Jonghyun could’ve sworn he heard his heart break like china.

After the picture taking of the newlywed couple with family and friends Jonghyun took the opportunity to go up to Minho and hugged him.

“Congratulations Minho!”

“Thank you, hyung.” Minho hugged him tighter.

“Minho,” they heard Krystal cry. “Luna wants a picture of us. You too, Jonghyun.” They both
Joined the two girls and cameraman got their attention before flashing the camera.

“See you at the reception,” Minho whispered to Jonghyun as Krystal took his hand and lead him down the aisle, their path swimming with bubbles provided by well wishers who were seated at the end of the pews closest to the aisle. And as Minho and Krystal walked out the church’s doors and into the white bridal car Jonghyun looked away, his eyes swimming with tears, and for the first time since the wedding started his smile broke.


Jonghyun had to compose himself. He knows that the day is only half finished. He wipes his tears with his handkerchief and proceeds outside where the limo that picked Minho up earlier today was waiting to take him to the reception. The limo ride took only 20 minutes and all Jonghyun could do was lean his head against the glass window and close his eyes, summoning all his strength to endure the next couple of hours.

The Royal Concourse where the reception was held was not too far from the church. It was Krystal who picked the restaurant, picked everything for the wedding to be exact. Minho had let Krystal have free reign over their wedding, a gesture of love and understanding from Minho, as well as the relief from the stress of planning a wedding. Krystal had her girlfriends for that.

When Jonghyun went in to the ballroom where the reception was to be held the guests were all ushered in, him included. On the wall to his left bore a huge sign fit for the occasion. The words Choi-Jung Nuptials, were bright and red Styrofoam cut outs formed into fancy lettering. He was seated with Taemin, Jinki, and Key in one of the circular tables in the middle of the huge room that was near the rectangular presidential table positioned at the side below the sign. They didn’t have to wait that long when the master of ceremonies, Amber, introduced herself and asked everyone to sit down. She then proceeded to welcome Minho and Krystal announcing the newlywed couple as they entered through the front doors of the ballroom under a shower of rice.

Dinner commenced afterwards and Jonghyun had not yet had the chance to talk to Jonghyun. He was not able to eat his appetizer that well, nor his chicken cordon bleu, or even dessert for that matter. He was upset but he knows he must not show it. Minho will see it in his eyes and was bound to ask questions. He knows Jonghyun that well.

After dinner, the usual reception traditions like the cutting of the cake and releasing of the doves were done in an orderly fashion. When Amber announced that it is time for the groom to throw the garter to an eligible bachelor, Jonghyun saw Krystal blush a mild tinge of pink and the reason became apparent when Minho was now lifting part of the gown up and pulling the garter from Krystal’s thigh down to her foot with his teeth. The jeers and cat calling echoed across the room. The garter then shot right out of Minho’s hand and hit Jinki smack dab in the face then caught it. When it was Krystal’s turn to throw the bouquet, the bridesmaids were so eager to catch it that it just bounced on their hands and surprisingly landed on Taemin’s lap, which elicited a blush of deep red on Jinki’s face.

Jonghyun was already having fun himself and his feelings for Minho are locked away at the back of his head. He even laughed when Krystal, during her toast, joked about having to pry Minho out of his hands. After her speech he raised his glass together with the crowd and drank for a good and prosperous future for the bride and groom.

Then it was Minho’s turn to say something to the crowd. It started normally, thanking his family and friends for being there in one of the most important times in his life, sharing the anecdote of how he and Krystal met, and how happy he is in that moment.

“Thank you everyone,” Minho said in finality, raising his glass then motioned sitting back down on his seat. Half way through he stood back up and waved his hand front of him.

“I’m just kidding guys. I know I have mentioned everyone but there is this one person who I just can’t fail to acknowledge. Kim Jonghyun? Where are you hyung? Oh there he is. Give it up for my best friend everyone.” The crowd burst into applause. Minho waved them down to silence. “Jonghyun-hyung, I’d like to say thank you so much for being there for me. I know I never have appreciated you as much as I should but know that you will always have a special place in my heart.” He paused, dipped his head low a bit. He looked up straight at Jonghyun. Jonghyun saw Minho’s eyes shimmering.

“Jonghyun-hyung,” he pressed on. “All those times you thought I wasn’t seeing you, I was, I’ve always known that you were always there for me. During my down times I would always remember you picking up my pieces and making me whole again. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you to be honest. Your hugs and pats on the back would always return my strength to fight another day during those struggles and for that I thank you again. And you know what hyung, that time when you thought I wasn’t listening, I heard you loud and clear. It’s just that sometimes, you have to speak louder. And one more thing hyung, you should have just said so in the first place.”

And with that, Minho looked straight at Jonghyun, raised his wine glass, drank all of its contents, and sat back down to applause from the crowd. He acknowledged his guests and when he looked back at the direction where Jonghyun was sitting he was nowhere to be found.

Tags: author: r, pairing: jonghyun/minho, rating: pg

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  • To My Friend Who Care to Read

    Greetings and salutations oh favored ones! Me and my BBF tohoginka32 have started a writing community. It's called everymarch. If…

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