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[fic] JapPsyze - Chapter 1: The Demigods

Title: JapPsyze - Chapter 1: The Demigods
Pairings: OT5
Rating: PG
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Warnings: A whole lotta geekyness
A/N:OH YEAH!!! My new fic you guys. This is way different than my previous angst fic Complications. Thanks to my cohorts hmtermulo tohoginka32 and aniprincess_13 

Summary: What happens when the 5 amazingly talented members of TVXQ turned out to be superheroes?

Chapter: 1



Chapter 1 – The Demigods

                “Help! Help!” The girl’s screams echoed around the alleyway as she was running to escape the assailants who want more than just her purse. The streets of Tokyo were not as safe as she thought it would be.

                She ran and ran until she was blocked by a huge concrete wall. A dead end.

                “Don’t scream or I’ll shoot your fucking brains off,” the man screamed at her, gun pointed directly at her head. His accomplice slowly crept toward the defenceless girl.

                “Now let’s see what’s under that short skirt of yours.” The brute proceeded toward her, eyes filled with malice, his teeth bared into a maniacal smile. He grabbed the girl’s arms and held her in a tight grip. The rapist with the gun was about to place his hands over the girl’s chest to undo the buttons when...

                “Get your hands off her you creep,” a guy stood magnificently at the other end of the alleyway. However, this wasn’t just any other guy, it was Kim Jaejoong. But the assailants didn’t recognize him. In fact, people who would pass by this scene and lay their eyes on this gorgeous specimen wouldn’t recognize the lead vocalist of TVXQ. Because in times of trouble he becomes Super Deadly Sexy Man, a superhero who can make anyone stare in awe at him in a transfixed state. In addition to that, he has indestructible skin.

                “Who are you?” said one of the attackers. “Don’t come any closer or I’ll shoot you.”

                Super Duper Sexy Man, SDSM for short, still walked towards the gunman. His eyes flashed silver and the brute with the gun suddenly froze.

                “What are you doing man, shoot him!” ordered his accomplice. He was staring at his partners hand with the gun which was shaking. He wasn’t used to his partner trembling. He always had steady hands.

                “Come on man shoot him,” he shouted again, beads of perspiration starting to coat his forehead.

                “I-I ca-can’t!” stuttered the other, his breathing really laboured. “He’s too beautiful!” SDSM flashed a smug grin.

                “Give me that.” The other guy took the gun from his partner and shot at SDSM straight to his uberly sexy chest. Conveniently, his silver costume has a long V-neck that leads to the middle of his lean torso.

                The bullet just bounced off SDSM’s chest. “Ha...that tickles.”

                “RUN MAN RUN!” both assailants screamed at each other and ran past SDSM to the alley’s exit. Unfortunately for these beasts SDSM is just one-fifth of a crime fighting group.

                Suddenly, a gust of wind, Jung Yunho stood beside SDSM. But as a superhero, he is known as Zippo, with super lightning speed plus lightning powers to boot.

                “Busy day today huh,” Zippo told SDSM. As quick as a flash, Zippo gave SDSM a peck on the cheek and tore off after the rapists. The two didn’t know what happened as suddenly one of the assailants lost the gun.

                “Looking for this?” Zippo said smugly holding the gun away from it, brandishing it at the attackers. He was blocking the only exit way. Panic flashed across the faces of the two rapists. They were trapped.

                “ELF,” Zippo called out. “It’s time to wrap this up.”

                “Sure thing boss,” Kim Junsu called from the top of the building on one side of the alley. “Wrap up coming up.” Junsu stretched his upper torso like taffy and wrapped his body like a coiled snake holding the assailants in place.

                Elastic Fantastic, or ELF for short, can stretch any part of his body to any length he wants. He’s super flexible too.

                “We surrender. We surrender. How the hell did you know we were here?”

                “You got me to thank for that,” said another masked hero. Shim Changmin came around the corner hands on his hips. “The two of you are making so much noise; I can even hear your sweat coming out of your pores.” Truth be told, Changmin, or better yet Sonic Boom, has SONAR abilities. Sort of like a bat hunting for food. Or for a better metaphor, a dolphin searching for its kin. And to top it all off, he has a supersonic scream.

                “Let’s get them to the police station,” SDSM said. “We have a concert to attend to.”

                “I’ll handle that,” said another voice.

                “Mr. Mind, how nice of you to join us,” Zippo mused, although he already knew the reason.

                “Sorry guys, I dozed off,” Park Yoochun answered apologetically.

                “Now please telekinize these evil beings, or whatever it is you do with your telekinesis,” said Elastic Fantastic.

                “Tsk tsk. Remember ELF, I can read minds too,” Mr. Mind said with a grin. “And that includes yours.”

                Elastic Fantastic blushed.

                “Cut it out you guys,” said SDSM, amused. “Hey wait a minute, where’s the girl?” They saw the girl sitting against the dead end, shaking in fright, mouth slightly opened but wasn’t able to scream. Zippo was beside her in a flash.

                “Are you okay miss?” he said as he held out his hand and helped the lady to stand.

                “Yes, I am,” she managed to reply. “I thought I was a goner. Who are you guys? Oops, I’m sorry for being rude. And thank you for rescuing me.”

                “No problem miss. Just doing our job,” said Zippo as the five of them were about to leave the scene in a dramatic fashion.

                “We are the DEMIGODS.” And with that, the five vanished.




                “Oh my God! Oh my God!” screamed Mizumi Minako. “I can’t believe were here! Were gonna see them live!”

                “Get a grip Zuzu,” Yoshiko Yuzuki rolled her eyes. But her excitement was just at the same level with Mizumi’s.

                “Oh come on Shi, let it out!” Akiko Anda was jumping up and down. “I so know your gonna faint when you see Park Yoochun come out on stage, dripping with sweat, possibly shirtless.

                “AAAHHHHHHHH,” Akiko and Yoshiko screamed together.

                “There you go!” Kimiko Kotone laughed at Yoshiko. “I thought you’d never loosen up.”

                “Zuzu has a point though, these tickets were hard to find. And harder to afford,” exclaimed Reiki Ryuzaki, the only male in their group, though not exactly male. “”It’s a good thing your cousin got us these tickets Shi.”

                “Her cousin works at Avex of course he can get us tickets,” said Kimiko.

                “Oh I can’t contain it any longer,” Yoshiko burst out suddenly, seeming more excited than before. “I was supposed to tell you this after the last song as a surprise but...here goes...Jiku-sama didn’t just get us front seat tickets, he got us back stage passes.”

                “NO WAY! NO FREAKING WAY!” Akiko’s eyes were so wide with delight. She was dancing and jumping at the same time.

                “Jiku-sama...Jiku-sama...Jiku-sama,” the other three were chanting as if to thank some God for such good fortune.

                “Cut it out you guys,” Yoshiko said, trying to quiet down the others. “People are staring,”

                The five of them are in line for TVXQ’s The Secret Code Concert in the grandiose Tokyo Dome. It was almost 6PM and they have been waiting in line since 6AM. They are that big a fan. The concert starts at 7PM and as the group looked behind them, the end of the line was nowhere to be seen. They were one of the groups nearest the entrance, a reward for being uber early.

                “Time has stopped!!!” yelled Reiki in frustration. “It’s still 5:54 in my watch. It was 5:54 an hour ago the last time I checked!”

                “Can it Rei, such a hothead.” Akiko remarked. She can always keep Reiki in check.

                “It will be all worth it! I swear!” Mizumi was still wide-eyed with excitement. Of course she can’t wait for her Yunho to bust a move right in front of her.

                “I wanna see Changmin now!!!” Reiki said and he burst out laughing. The others laughed along with him.

                “Jaejoong-ah...” Akiko sighed the name. She always does this whenever she falls silent, or anyone else for that matter. As I’ve said, too big a fan.

                “I so wanna spank Junsu’s butt so bad,” Kimiko said. “Kim Junsu....Kim-miko...were a match!”

                All five of them laughed. You know what they say; you never go bored with the company of such good friends. The minutes dragged agonizingly slow, but good things come to those who wait. At 6:45PM the gates opened and soon the people were flowing in slow and steady.

                “I’ve got you-woooooo under my skin!” sang Reiki after the guard inspected him. The others laughed.

                “THIS IS REALLY IS IT!!!” screamed Akiko. “After all these years I’m finally gonna see Jaejoong in action.”

                “True,” Yoshiko replied. “I’m here Yoochun-ah!”

                The five of them screamed as Tokyo Dome’s kick ass stage came into view. The five inched closer to their assigned seats; directly in front of the stage.

                “I think I’d sit down for now ‘coz I’m sure there won’t be any sitting for 3 hours,” Kimiko exclaimed, watching the throng of people proceeding to their designated seats.

                The concert didn’t take too long to start. As predicted, as soon as the five members of TVXQ stepped out on stage, our five friends weren’t able to sit down again. They watched admiringly at their idols, eyes shedding with tears as finally one of their dreams came true. They screamed in delight song after song, not knowing that before these five performers hit the stage they saved a young woman’s life in some alleyway in the not-so-safe streets of Tokyo.


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