[fic] JapPsyze - Chapter 1: The Demigods

Title: JapPsyze - Chapter 1: The Demigods
Pairings: OT5
Rating: PG
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Warnings: A whole lotta geekyness
A/N:OH YEAH!!! My new fic you guys. This is way different than my previous angst fic Complications. Thanks to my cohorts hmtermulo tohoginka32 and aniprincess_13 

Summary: What happens when the 5 amazingly talented members of TVXQ turned out to be superheroes?

Chapter: 1



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LJ Newbie

So this is my first time to be in LiveJournal...

This isn't my first post though coz I got too excited about this and posted the first chapter of the fanfic that I'm working on.

Anyway I'm looking forward to get the hang of LJ as quickly as possible.



Complications (Chapter 1)

It has been a long time since I loved Yunho. He was completely at the back of my mind, distant, faint. Seeing his face doesn’t make my heart leap anymore. It doesn’t make my mind run wild of fantasies. It’s as if he’s just a wisp of cloud to me, something that I can dismiss with the wave of my hand. He was my bestfriend, my first love. But now things have changed. I perceive him the same way as my other friends, not anymore on the top of the pedestal I designed only for him.  


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